Mint Medical carry out LOLER service and inspection all manual hoists, slings, baths and overhead hoist's.


For futher information and prices please contact us for a quote. 


Inspections are carried out every six-months and will be supported with a full examination report and certificate of conformity. 


Call out fee's are £30.00, half hourly rates are also used. 


Mint Medical also offers servicing of electric profiling beds. 


We also service and repair all makes and manufactures of pressure relieving mattresses. If a mattress is needed whilst repairs are carried out, we will supply a mattress free of charge. 


Mattresses can be put on a yearly contract for a one off price. This means for a one off price all repairs are carried out free of charge. If a mattress/pump unit is too costly to repair a new mattress will be supplied under the contract price. Mattresses will have a full service once a year under this contract. Mattresses need to be in a good condition before a contract is agreed. 


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